Have you ever thought about building your own home in a safe and active community? Well that dream can come true in Belmond. The Belmond Housing Council and the City of Belmond have teamed together to start the Dumond Estates housing subdivision. Established in 1997 as a 40-lot subdivision, Dumond Estates has more than half of the lots privately owned. There is a housing incentive program available in Belmond, which emphasize building in Dumond Estates.

The program is for Low-to-Moderate Income families (LMI). There are six lots available to qualifying families free of charge. Applicants will be qualified through the Mid Iowa Regional Housing Authority and will qualify according to the current HUD guidelines for LMI. The lots are given for the building of owner-occupied home. The construction of the home must be underway within six months and completed in 18 months of the award. Other stipulations must be met as detailed in the Dumond Estates Restrictive Covenants.

Should a qualifying family choose not to live in Dumond Estates, the family may consider a financial assistance award of $10,000 to be used for the purchase of an empty lot any where else in the city and/or construction of a new home.

Click here to view the available rental property list.

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