The City of Belmond has eight parks, each offering its own unique experiences. The Park Board makes an annual inspection of the parks and prepares a list of improvements and repairs each June. The Park Board welcomes volunteer assistance to complete the list under the leadership of at least one adult. Contact the City Manager/City Clerk to get a copy of the current list. The Park Rules are listed below these short park descriptions. Youth recreation opportunities are offered through the BCBC - Belmond Community Betterment Corporation.

Ball Field Park is located at 804 Luick's Lane North on 5.594 acres. There are two ball fields on the park, one of which is lighted. There are restrooms, concession stand and equipment storage on the park property as well. The park is located adjacent to the Belmond-Klemme Community School District's softball and baseball fields to allow for terrific tournament play!

City Park is located just one block north of East Main Street and one block east of River Avenue North, on a full city block whose address is 212 2nd Street NE. This park is a leisure recreation park covered almost entirely with tree shade and has play equipment, a shelter, restrooms, gazebo, tables and benches. The park's play equipment, including a unit for 2-5 year olds, 5-12 year olds, swings, bouncing animals and a merry-go-round, was replaced in 2016.

Crown Point Park (204 5th Avenue NW) is located in west Belmond, "up on the hill". The park is slightly larger than a square city block and provides for mainly active recreation. The park ahs play equipment, shelter and tables. A large area allows for baseball or softball games with a back stop but can also double as a small soccer field. The play equipment is in the process of being replaced but will feature climbing challenges along with swings and a slide.

El Mar Park is a neighborhood park tucked away in the middle of a block in the Kirkendall Addition. Access to the park is gained between 104-204 Sunset Drive and 1016-1020 3rd Street NE. A few pieces of small play equipment are set up in this park. The park is large enough to play catch or have a ball game with young children.

Franklin Grove Heritage Trail is approximately 3.4 mile trail with a trail head at Pool Park (908 1st Street SE). The trail is on a converted rail bed which runs north and south through the city and involved just that rail bed initially. The trail project was originated by the Belmond Trees Forever group and then dedicated to the city of Belmond. Tree and bush maintenance on the trail continues under the watchful eye of the Trees Forever group along with the coordination of the volunteers that tend the flower beds on the trail. The city does mow along the trail. Benches were installed along the trail through an Eagle Scout project. The trail was extended east on 7th Street NE, south on Luick's Lane North/South and west on 5th Street SE in 2005. Wright County Conservation has built an extension from the north loop of the Franklin Grove Trail to the new Prairielands Trail. The Prairielands Trail follows the old Union Pacific Railroad north east toward Meservey, Thornton and Mason City. The pavement ends at C-20, about 1/3 mile off the end of the Franklin Grove Trail.

Iowa River RV Park is just over one acre in size and is located at 312 River Avenue South (U.S. Highway 69), within walking distance of convenience stores, fuel stations and restaurants. There are 19 RV sites: eleven with full hook-up (water, sewer and electric) with five of those as pull-through sites and eight having just water and electric connections. A small area is available for tent camping. A modern toilet/shower building is available on site for campers and a dump station near the entrance of the park for RV/campers. Canoes can be launched from River Park, which is adjacent to the RV Park and connected with a trail. Full hook-ups are $16 per night, partial hook-ups are $13 and tent camping is $11.

Pool Park is, as the name implies, the location of the municipal swimming pool. It is located at 908 1st Street SE on a piece of property of 5.3 acres. The park has two shelters with picnic tables and play equipment for ages 2-5 and 5-8 years old. This equipment was purchased in 2006 with a grant from the Luick Trust and installed by community volunteers. Restrooms are located on the outside of the Pool Bathhouse. Pool Park is the location of 3 tennis courts and the Extreme Sports Park which is equipped with ramps, rail and quarter pipe.

River Park is a large park of 12 acres reserved mainly for passive recreation. There are two shelters with picnic tables, restrooms, canoe access to the Iowa River and a trail through the park. River Park is adjacent to the Iowa River RV Park, connected by a trail. A 9 hole disc golf course is located within the park.

Disc Golf Course

1 No kegs of beer will be allowed within the city parks, including the vehicle parking areas.
2 No hard liquor will be allowed within the city parks, including the vehicle parking areas.
3 Overnight camping will not be allowed in the parks.
4 No vehicles (including motorcycles and mopeds) shall be driven, parked or ridden upon the grassed areas, the sidewalks and paths or the posted areas of the parks.
5 City Parks, except the volleyball courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, ball fields and the immediate area of each of these courts, shall close at 11:00 p. m. and open again at sunrise the following day.
6 There shall be no hunting or discharging of firearms within all city parks, including Tyrrell.
7 No person shall deface, destroy, steal or vandalize park property.