The main part of the Town of Belmond was originally situated on the west side of the Iowa River, platted by Archer Dumond, James M. Elder and William E. Rogers, on October 20, 1856. Archer Dumond wanted to call it "Crown Point" after his Indiana home. Others wanted to call it Dumond but when it was found there was a Dumont, Iowa, already registered, the name had to be changed. Legend has it that the name BELMOND was arrived at in this manner... Dumond's daughter was a very popular young lady, the "belle" of the community, and the compromise was made by the happy thought of honoring both father and daughter, the "belle" and "mond" being joined into "Belmond". Belmond is said to be the only town in the United States of that name.
Historic Facts
1 The city's name was platted by Archer Dumond, James M. Elder and William E. Rogers on October 20, 1856.
2 The main part of the original town was established on the west side of the Iowa River.
3 On October 21, 1881, by a vote of 51 to 47, Belmond became an incorporated town.
4 J.L. Morse served as the town's first Mayor.
5 The town's first water utility was approved in 1895. The existing plant is on the site of the first well.
6 In 1927 four of the five seated council members resigned due to conflicts they had with Mayor Russell. Nothing could move forward which needed council action.
7 The Fire Department was established in 1880 with 20-25 volunteers.