Doug Roelofsen -- BIDCO - President
Doug’s involvement in the many aspects of the community speaks loudly for his interest in his home town. He has been with the Wright County Motors/formerly McLaughlin Brothers, Inc. since 1986 in sales, accounting and management and since 2008 serves as Dealer Principal. His community involvement has included but not limited to the Jaycees, the Chamber of Commerce, and BIDCO. He and his wife Christina raise several horses each year for their son Timothy, enjoy trail riding and camping. They enjoy spending time with their daughter Mandi, husband Keith and 3 grandchildren. Their son Timothy lives in Texas where he trains and sells horses.
Phone No : 641 444 3340

Sherri Kinseth -- Vice President, BIDCO
I have lived in Belmond for most of my life and have enjoyed the educational and business opportunities the community has offered me throughout the years. Graduating from Belmond Community School in 1976, my education continued at the University of Northern Iowa, graduating in 1980. In 1984 I joined our family business, Kinseth Plumbing & Heating and have been there ever since. I believe in giving back to your community to keep it strong for future generations and I enjoy working with the BIDCO board members, as they are committed to promoting Belmond.
Phone No : 641-444-4428

Brad Robson -- President, 1st State Bank
My wife, Jane our 3 young children and I moved to Belmond in 1981. We made a job change from FDIC bank examiner to loan officer at First State Bank. Belmond has been very good to our family. Our children received a top notch education benefiting greatly growing up in a caring and nurturing community. Jane and I are now grandparents and proud to call Belmond our hometown. We will continue to promote Belmond in every way so that future generations can enjoy the same opportunities our family experienced.
Phone No :

Lee Ann Waltzing -- City Manager
My family and I moved to Belmond in November 1999 when I was fortunate enough to be named City Manager/Clerk for the City of Belmond. We were attracted to Belmond because my husband, John Waltzing grew up on a farm northeast of town and graduated in 1972. Also, we looked at the opportunity we were given to get our children, Scott and Sarah, into a school system where they would be able to participate in many different activities. Belmond is really unique in that it offers so many services, hosts so many events and never seems to be without excitement. I am asked quite often by my counterparts in north Iowa how we do so much and get so many people to volunteer. We do have a lot to be proud of in Belmond.
Phone No : 641-444-3386

Al Mattison -- Belmond Mayor

Phone No : 641 444 4597

Mark Soma -- True Value, Owner
Mark Soma, a native of Belmond, was elected to serve as a BIDCO board member in April 2009. His service on the Chamber of Commerce board and experience as the owner of True Value Hardware have prepared him for this position. Mark lives in Belmond with his wife Kim, also a native of Belmond, and their three children. Two of his children are attending the Belmond Sr. High School, and one at the new Jacobson Elementary School. Mark believes that Belmond is truly a great place to live, work and meet great people.
Phone No : 641-444-3933

Mike Robbins --
Sport Cages, Inc.
Phone No : 641-444-7187

Tate Goeman -- Green Belt Bank

Phone No : 641-444-3956

Julia Eckhoff -- Insurance Sales
First Gabrielson Agency
Phone No : 641 444 3256

Kevin Bock -- Eaton Corporation

Phone No : 641 444 5228

Eric Simonson -- Attorney
My wife, daughter and I moved to Belmond from the Twin Cities in 2003, when I took positions with the Wright County Attorney's Office and the Houser & Berkland law firm. Having grown up in nearby Fort Dodge, it was especially nice to return to Iowa with my family. Many years and two more children later, we know we made the right choice. The people we have met in Belmond have made us feel like this is home and we are excited to be able to be a part of a community with small town values and growing aspirations. I have been a member of the BIDCO board since 2004. I hope to continue with the board in supporting Belmond businesses and keeping this a great place to work and live.
Phone No : 641-444-3231