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General Code Provisions Chapters 1-12.pdf

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Ordinance 422 Fareway TIF.pdf

Ordinance 425 Revised Fareway TIF.pdf

Administration Boards and Commissions Chapters 15-26.pdf

Police Fire and Emergencies Chapters 30-35.pdf

Public Offenses Chapters 40-46.pdf

Ordinance 434 Fireworks igniting.pdf

Ordinance 435 Fireworks sales.pdf

Nuisances and Animal Control Chapters 50-56.pdf

Traffic and Vehicles Chapters 60-80.pdf

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Ord 419 stops required.pdf

Ord 421 Snow Removal.pdf

Ord 423 ATV, ORV, Golf Carts and Snowmobiles.pdf

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Water Chapters 90-92.pdf

Ord 433 Rates for Service Service Availability.pdf

Ord 420 Water Rates.pdf

Ord 430 Water Service System and Water Rates.pdf

Sanitary Sewer Chapters 95-100.pdf

Garbage and Solid Waste Chapters 105-106.pdf

Ord 424 Open Burning.pdf

Ord 431 Opening Burning.pdf

Franchises and Other Services Chapters 110-120.pdf

Ord 417 Cemetery - Interest on Delinquent Accounts.pdf

Ord 426 Cemetery - Perpetual Care.pdf

Regulation of Business and Vocations Chapter 125.pdf

Streets and Sidewalks Chapters 135-139.pdf

Building and Property Regulations Chapters 145-161.pdf

Ord 429 Property Mainenance.pdf

Zoning and Subdivision Chapters 165-167.pdf

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