Pride is not just a word in Belmond; it is what makes things happen. These "things" that happen aren't just the common everyday kind of things either. The things that happen in Belmond are planned so that they become good things. When you see what good things happen then you understand the Belmond Pride.

Belmond Pride is exhibited by the volunteers that plan the year-round festivals and celebrations of the American spirit. All of these events draw alumni, family and friends from miles around. The Chamber's Thanks with Franks in early May sets the stage for the 4th of July that plows the way for the August Antique Power Show in preparation for the Fall Festival in September and the Autumn Family Fun Fest in October both setting the stage for the colorful Christmas Parade of Lights the Friday night after Thanksgiving.

County: Wright
Location: 42'51'N 93'37'W
Land area: 2.85 square miles
Average summer temperature: 70.1'F
Average winter temperature: 31.3 F
Average annual rainfall: 33.37 inches
Average annual snowfall: 30.4 inches

Belmond Pride is seen in the beautiful structures and well kept streets of the city. The City Hall, Fire Station and Library were built or renovated by 2006 with the new water plant completed in 2013. The street reconstruction program is addressing the condition of the streets. Renovations to the wastewater treatment plant have been completed in 2015.

Streets: 95 % paved
Police Department: 24-hour coverage with 5 Officers
Fire Department: 30 volunteer fire fighters
Fire Insurance Class: 5
Water system: Licensed as a class 3 facility
Wastewater treatment: Licensed as a class 3 facility
Public Library: 20,673 volumes with 82 magazine & newspaper subscriptions and 2,645 audio/films/software collections with another 30,011 volumes accessible by download
Airport: 3,245' turf runway
Zoning & Subdivision: Ordinances in effect
Assessed Valuation: $65,154,626
City Tax rate per $1000: $16.98675 ($40.9457 all levies)
Bonded Indebtedness: $2,575,312 General Obligation
$10,669,956 Revenue bonds 
Bonding Capacity: $5,255,552

Belmond Pride is passed down to future generations by providing a rich heritage of friendliness and caring along with a strong work ethic.

Population: 2376
Median Household Income: $43,895
Population with College Experience: 62.6%


Belmond Pride is demonstrated through the school system, which is recognized throughout Iowa as providing advanced technology, innovative teaching and academic excellence with BKCSD students at 7 of 10 levels scoring above the area and state averages in reading, science and math.  The district employs 128 people.


Belmond Pride is revealed by the thirteen active faith based organizations in the community Belmond Pride is discovered through the Mayor and City Council consistently strive to provide a stable economy in a friendly atmosphere with reasonable utilities, solid infrastructure and high quality service.

Eaton Corporation Engine valve manufacturing - 190 employees
Farm & Home Publishing & City Directory Plat book & reverse directory publishing - 57 employees
Printing Services, Inc Publication and printing- 60 employees
Sparboe Iowa Corp Egg production - 34 employees
Belmond-Klemme School District Pre-K through 12 grades - 150 employees
Iowa Specialty Hospital Critical Access Hospital and Clinic - 151 employees
Syngenta Seed Co Seed processing - 28 employees
ABCM Corporation Care Center & Assisted Living Apts. - 96 employees
Lee Limited Machining - 5 employees
Max Yield Co-Op Grain handling - 11 employees

Belmond Pride is present in the housing opportunities available to fit an array of budgets, lifestyles, needs and preferences for rural versus town; secluded and wooded areas versus a home on the golf course; traditional apartment living versus rental homes; independent living versus senior apartments or care center. The list goes on and on, but one thing is sure the pride of Belmond residents is apparent in the care they take in their homes. Belmond's housing stock is in excellent condition.

Housing Stock: 1699 units
Detached houses (owner occupied): 1117 units
Owner Occupied: 68.5 %
Rental Units Available: 374
Age of Housing Stock (owner occupied): 769 are 1960 or newer
Median Value of Housing: $79,500
Median Rent: $250-499

Belmond has much to offer including the pride of a community that ensures a feeling of security. When all of the facts are gathered together - excellent education, comprehensive human services, convenient retail shopping, varied housing, and unique cultural and year-round recreational opportunities - you come to only one conclusion: Belmond Pride is a Community Legacy.

At Belmond-Klemme, the Iowa Teaching Standards are the focal point of professional development activities. It is the goal of the BKCSD to assure that all students have the benefit of teachers possessing mastery in all areas of the Iowa Teaching Standards. This means that time, training and support are an important part of professional life at BKCSD.

Belmond is surrounded with a wealth of higher education opportunities. For Community College and Trade/Technical Schools we have North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) in Mason City just 30 miles away; Iowa Central Community College in Ellsworth just 38 miles away; and, Hamilton College also located 30 miles away in Mason City.

Four year colleges and universities include: Iowa State University (ISU) at Ames, Iowa which is about 60 miles away; University of Northern Iowa (UNI) in Cedar Falls, Iowa about 85 miles away; and, Waldorf College in Forest City, Iowa about 30 miles away.

The Schools do provide college level classes from various colleges and universities throughout the year.