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18 de marzo del 2020


RE: Respuesta de la ciudad de Belmond al brote de coronavirus (COVID-19):


La seguridad de nuestros residentes y empleados es siempre nuestra prioridad principal. Nosotros queremos asegurar al público que estamos monitoreando las noticias que rodean al Coronavirus y continuaremos satisfaciendo las necesidades de nuestra comunidad y nos comunicaremos con usted a lo largo del camino.

Debido a la reciente emergencia estatal de desastre de salud emitida por la gobernadora Reynolds y la proclamación de emergencia del alcalde Beminio con respecto a reuniones en espacios públicos, la ciudad de Belmond está haciendo los siguientes cambios:

A partir de las 8:00 a.m. del jueves 19 de marzo de 2020, el Ayuntamiento de Belmond y las oficinas administrativas y el departamento de policía de Belmond estarán restringidos al público.

Para su comodidad, el buzón de entrada está disponible para pagos de servicios públicos.  También, los residentes pueden usar su tarjeta de debito o crédito para pagar sus cuentas de servicios públicos sin tarifas o cuota por pagar con tarjeta llamando al 641-444-3386.

Todas las operaciones de la Ciudad continuarán, sin embargo, se alienta al público a contactar al Ayuntamiento por teléfono al 641-444-3386, por fax al 641-444-4775 o por correo electrónico a si necesita asistencia. El teléfono del Departamento de Policía de Belmond para situaciones de no emergencias es 877-442-3357.



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Enjoy a visit to
 and a good book
from the

Talbot Belmond
Public Library! 

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New Lyric



Quality entertainment

at an affordable price


Wednesday through Monday

nights at 7:30 pm



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March 18, 2020

RE:   City of Belmond’s Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak:

The safety and security of our residents and employees is always our top priority.  We want to assure the public we are monitoring the news surrounding the Coronavirus and will continue to meet the needs of our community and communicate with you along the way.

In light of Governor Reynold’s recent State Public Health Disaster Emergency and Mayor Beminio’s Emergency Proclamation regarding gatherings in public spaces, the City of Belmond is making the following changes:

Effective at 8:00 AM on Thursday, March 19, 2020, the Belmond City Hall administrative offices and Belmond Police Department will be restricted from the public.

For your convenience, the entryway drop box is available for utility payments.   In addition, residents are able to use their debit or credit card to pay their utility accounts with no user fees by contacting 641-444-3386.   

All City operations will continue, however, the public is encouraged to contact City Hall by telephone at 641-444-3386, by fax at 641-444-4775 or email at for assistance.  The Belmond Police Department Non-Emergency is 877-442-3357.

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Public drinking water safe to drink

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is providing this important information about COVID-19 as it relates to public drinking water to provide clarity to the public. The COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking water supplies. Based on current evidence, the risk to water supplies is very low. Disinfection methods used in drinking water treatment plants are effective for inactivation of coronaviruses and all other viruses. Iowans can continue to use and drink water from their tap as usual.  The Iowa DNR recommends obtaining your potable water from your tap as much as possible to conserve bottled water for emergency situations if needed.  

Stay up to date on the latest news regarding coronavirus with the World Health Organization (WHO)U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH).

Know what to and what NOT to flush down your toilet

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is reminding Iowans of the importance of flushing ONLY toilet paper and human waste down toilets to avoid disruption of sewer systems.

The Department recognizes the temporary shortage of toilet paper products during the COVID-19 outbreak, but warns items such as flushable wipes, disinfecting wipes, surface cleaning wipes, baby wipes, even though advertised as flushable, are not recommended for disposal by flushing down a toilet. Diapers, paper towels, tissues and feminine hygiene products should also not be flushed down toilets.

Even though these products may not clog your sewer system at your residence, when deposited together, in an entire community, can pose a serious risk of overwhelming a community’s sewer system. If a sewer system is clogged, it can lead to backups of sewage into residences and overflows into the environment. Additionally, it can cause pump failures and lead to several hours of repairs and expenses to city wastewater systems.

Residents are encouraged to dispose of the items in bags and dispose in the trash.

Welcome to the City of Belmond Iowa

Please take the next few moments to visit our site, and learn more about the City of Belmond, BIDCO Industrial Development and the wide opportunities of the Belmond Area Chamber of Commerce. We think you'll agree that Belmond has a rich legacy of community spirit exemplified by its people. From its new medical clinic, new elementary school, and remodeled hospital, to its new city hall and new fire station, Belmond has always been progressive while maintaining its heritage. Pay us a visit and see it for yourself, Belmond is a great place to live.

Public Hearing to Set the Tax Levy Maximum for FY 2020/2021

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